The association

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The Nunc est bibendum association was born from the desire to create a unique cultural place in Geneva that would offer the public an evocation of Antiquity through the arts of the table.

The association aims to:

  • to explore the whole field of table arts during Antiquity (mainly Greco-Roman): food and cooking of course, but also furniture, architecture, decoration, customs, cults and beliefs, clothing, conversation, games…
  • to carry out the research and experiments necessary for the creation of ancient dishes that can be made with the products of our time;
  • to develop educational and cultural activities related to the history of Antiquity, mainly around food, in partnership with one or more establishments of the same name offering ancient Roman cuisine;
  • to finance or carry out the decoration or equipment of the partner on aspects exclusively related to ancient history;
  • to support and promote the partner as a place of cultural mediation open to the public.

The association is not for profit. No investment of time is required from the members.

The statutes (in french)

The committee (in french)

Honorary members (in french)

Membership (in french)

The blog

The Nunc est bibendum association is a partner of the restaurant of the same name in Geneva.

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